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Full Version: School and playground
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We've just added two new municipal buildings you can place: an elementary school, and a playground.

[Image: Azqji.jpg]

When placing a building manually, remember that you can press the 9 and 0 (zero) keys to rotate it before you plop it down.

Both of these new buildings will be available in version 0.14, which is coming out Real Soon Now!
I just had a thought, alignment of playground equipment will be very important. A swingset not spin aligned will swing in an arc. The other problem I see is the merry-go-round, the apparent direction change of gravity. I agree that the larger the habitat the less the effects.
Also, if the swing is spin aligned, when swinging counter-spinwise, you should feel a tiny bit lighter than usual. Then when the swing swings back downspin, you should feel a little heavier than usual (but the difference will be so tiny you'll probably barely feel it at all). Sorry, this isn't helpful at all ... I was just thinking aloud. Smile
Yep, I imagine kids will adapt to the funny effects of the spin faster than anyone. And if you're not already feeling alternately light/heavy on a swing, then you're not doing it right. Smile
Good point. Big Grin
Just a thought. It would be nice to be able to put in parks that have swimming pools, water falls, skateboarding, etc in. Libraries would be a nice touch to.