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Full Version: station lost
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this weekend I was playing around with the demo version. I had a thriving station and got distracted and inadvertently hit the menu button and got popped back out to the solar system/earth orbit view. I could never figure out how to return to the interior of my station and I had to start over with a new build. I noticed after that when i exited the second station interior that the colony count on the game stats had gone up to 2. which suggests to me the system new there were 2 colonies in LEO.
so, is the fact that I can't return to the interior of my colony once I leave an artifact of the demo mode not having save capability?
or is there some other UI feature that I haven't found that would let me return to the interior of my previous colony?

Yes, I think you're missing something in the UI.

From the main menu screen, click on "Manage" to go to the Manage screen. Then click on the colony you want to load. You'll be in the exterior view; just click "In1" on the Manage palate to switch to the first interior space.

(The only difference between demo and full game is that the demo game doesn't actually save anything to disk, so you start over each time you launch it.)