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Full Version: Greetings (and registration issues)
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Bollocks. Bloody third time I write this in full, annoyance causes brevity

Yay, here I am, liked the demo, yaddayadda.

Registration issues:
Password requirements aren’t stated unless your password is outside requirements.
I managed to enter myself as the referrer. Which shouldn’t be possible, and didn’t allow me to continue registration process. Couldn’t unselect myself. Hence @JoeSprout is now my referrer, simply because I remembered him.
"Pocket" security question at one point didn’t have the correct display of quotation marks, instead displaying them in html markup.

Looking forward to playing and stuff.
Welcome!  I'm glad you're here, and sorry to hear you had troubles getting registered with the forum.

We're running MyBB here, which I like a lot better than the 900-pound gorilla in the forum space, phpBB... but there are certainly still some things I don't love about it.  For example, why don't we have the markup toolbar above the Quick Reply?  You have to click Preview just to get your standard editing tools (including insert image, which I tend to use a lot).  It's silly.

But anyway.  Thank you hanging in there, and we look forward to chatting with you!