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Full Version: Norton Internet Security issue with 0.17?
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One of our alert Windows users writes:

Quote:When I unpack the release 0.17 ZIP, Norton Internet Security identifies cInput.dll and HighFrontier.exe as unsafe files and auto-removes them.  I'm sure it's mis-identifying something and it's probably just on my end, but wanted to let you know in case you had any ideas of what might be causing that.  It hasn't happened to me on any previous releases.

Now, as much as it's possible to guarantee anything in the computer world, I can guarantee that these files are not unsafe.  They're actually built, zipped up, and uploaded from a Mac, without ever touching a Windows environment where they might pick up a virus.  (Not that we don't test on Windows — but the test builds are completely separate from the final, distribution builds.)

So I suspect that what's changed here is Norton Internet Security, not High Frontier.  Such misidentifications have long been a common problem of anti-virus software; it's the computer equivalent of allergies (your immune system overreacting to something harmless as if it were a virus).  Of course I know it doesn't help that we don't yet code-sign the executables, causing Windows (and OS X) to complain that they don't know me from Adam's off ox.

(Code-signing our builds is on our to-do list.)

Anybody else having troubles with their anti-virus software and the latest build of High Frontier?  Or not?  Please chime in with your observations!