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Full Version: Hello all
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Hi, I'm just checking this place out. Joe dropped a post in another science forum he runs and mentioned this place.

I have an overall interest in general science and engineering topics; I work in software as well.
Hope to read and maybe post in some threads here.
Welcome, and thank you for coming by! I look forward to many interesting discussions.
I'm a new arrival, too, so hi! Big Grin

Joe pointed me to this place via a comment on a YouTube video. I've been super-interested in space habitats ever since I read O'Neill's The High Frontier 5 years ago and hope to see humanity at least take the first few baby steps in my lifetime, though at the snail's pace at which space exploration (let alone colonization) is currently progressing, I doubt it. Sad I bet all national and multi-national space agencies combined don't get 1/10th the budget that was wasted in Iraq / Afghanistan, and still there are some people that feel space exploration is a waste of money. I can't imagine any other use of money that could (eventually) pay as many dividends as space exploration / colonization. It is clear to me that our future lies in space. That doesn't mean we should view Earth as an expendable rock that we plan to ditch in the future, but putting all your eggs in one basket, as beautiful as that basket may be, is neither a bright idea nor a practicable one in the long run. Reminds of the quote by that Russian rocket engineer (whose name has escaped me at the moment) ... the Earth is the cradle of the mind, but one cannot live in a cradle forever.

sorry, didn't mean to preach.

Hopefully this game, once it's released, will garner additional interest in space exploration. The more people get hooked the better.

By the way, I'm a programmer myself, with about 15 years of experience in C++, and I also speak fluent Python, Perl and Tcl. I've never programmed any games and have had only minor exposure to C#, but if there's anything I can do to help your project along, I'd be happy to contribute. Smile
Welcome! You're preaching to the choir here. Smile Which is totally fine!

Yes, you've put your finger on the main reason we're doing this. We want to do for space settlements what KSP has done for rocketry!