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50% Off Holiday Sale! - JoeStrout - 12-05-2015

Moved by the holiday spirit, we're offering High Frontier for $10 — 50% off the current normal price — for the rest of this month.

[Image: W2GUZ.jpg]

If you have been playing the demo or participating in the forums without owning the game, this is a great time to buy a license!

And it's also a great time to send High Frontier as a gift.  Who do you know that would enjoy a game about space settlement?

Either way, you support continued development of the world's most detailed and accurate space colony simulator, and a unique indie game.  So please check it out, and thank you for your support!

RE: 50% Off Holiday Sale! - JoeStrout - 12-31-2015

The Holiday Sale is nearly over! If you've been thinking about buying it for yourself, or giving High Frontier as a gift, act quickly to get this great price.

- Joe