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Materials cost analysis - Timpraetor - 02-26-2015

While the formulas used might be based on simple SWAGs, it would be fun to have a cost assigned to the build and materials for our creations. If the ISS could bankrupt a normal nation, the torus that I just created would probably sink half the galactic worth in asteroids.


RE: Materials cost analysis - JoeStrout - 02-26-2015

Yes, that's in the plans, though now that I look again at the Roadmap, I see we're a bit vague about when this should appear.  Cost won't really matter until we have career mode, targeted for 0.25, but we mention material costs in 0.18, when we get serious about having some material options.

But I can confidently say, if we stick to our roadmap (which we've done pretty well so far), you'll start seeing a total build cost for your colony somewhere between version 0.18 and 0.25.  Smile