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Poster titles? - JoeStrout - 02-26-2015

As is common these days, our forum software bestows "titles" on people according to how many posts they've written.  This is just a fun way to encourage people to be active in the community.  The current titles are:

Junior Member
Senior Member
Posting Freak

I'd like to change these to something more thematic... something that evokes opening up the solar system frontier.  We were thinking maybe "Dreamer" and "Pioneer" for the first two levels... and maybe "Mayor" for the third... but then we got stuck trying to come up with the next two after that.

So!  Any suggestions?  Feel free to build on the ideas above, or strike out in a completely different direction!

RE: Poster titles? - JoeStrout - 02-27-2015

OK, thinking out loud here... maybe "Settler" is better than "Pioneer", given that our topic is space settlement.

Also, we could work "Builder" in there somewhere, perhaps between "Settler" and "Mayor."

We still need something beyond Mayor, for the people who really post a lot. But since it's going to be a while before we hit that many posts anyway, I guess we could just pick something now (Governor?), and have plenty of time to change it later.

RE: Poster titles? - Pye-rate - 09-18-2015

Considering the work needed to keep a colony operational the lowest level is likely to be grease monkey or equivalent. At the top the person needs to deal with the people and the physical operation of the colony. Look at it like a cruise ship, the captain has only ceremonial relations with the passengers, but he is the ultimate person in charge. I would make captain above the mayor and governor.

RE: Poster titles? - JoeStrout - 09-19-2015

That's an interesting point. Though a cruise ship actually goes places — this would be more like a sea-stead, since in most cases a space colony will be much to massive to actually change orbits once it's built.

We have toyed with the idea of having engine parts and letting you try to change your orbit, but I just can't think of any likely reason (in game terms or in real life) that you would do that.