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Hello and thanks - FlyingSinger - 08-03-2015

Hi all,

I'm a sometimes space-simulation-software guy with a lot of interests. When I stumbled on the free space flight simulator Orbiter in 2005, I got so excited I wrote a tutorial book about it, Go Play In Space. I have other interests that are mostly inactive, like flying airplanes and doing regular outreach events as a JPL Solar System Ambassador. I still blog occasionally about space and other stuff. I also like to write and record songs. In real life, I'm an optical engineer working for a company that makes optical design software, among other kinds. These days I mostly work with our international distributors.

But enough about me! I'm really happy I stumbled on Joe's and his sons' cool project (I found it through a comment Joe left on a 2013 blog post about space settlements). I've been reading and thinking about space habitats since the seventies. Recently I read two books where space habitats are central, SevenEves by Neal Stephenson and Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson. Both great reads if you've got time because you're not developing a space habitat simulator. Wink 

I'm not sure how much time I will have to play and test High Frontier, but I will do what I can and look forward to the many planned features. As an optics guy, I was pleased that windows and mirrors are coming soon. Thanks to Joe & Sons for doing this!

Bruce Irving

RE: Hello and thanks - JoeStrout - 08-03-2015

Hi Bruce,

Thank you for introducing yourself! I just checked out your blog (though I don't think this is the first time I've seen it), and I'm downloading Seveneves right now. Definitely sounds worth a read!

As an optics guy, I hope you won't be too disappointed in the windows & mirrors. We don't have the resources to properly compute (or render) real light paths, so the options are pretty limited.

BUT, see what you think when version 0.17 comes out... hopefully this week!