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G'day from downunder - JAFO - 09-26-2015

G'day all,

I learned about High Frontier via the Kerbal Space Program forum. This looks like a pretty excellent project, and I'm looking forward to giving it a shot.

Just one thing worries/bothers me..

You guys are aware that the name "High Frontier" is already owned by Phil Eklund/Sierra Madre Games, since 2010, aren't you? I'd hate to see you get tangled up in litigation, down the track..


RE: G'day from downunder - JoeStrout - 09-26-2015


Both our game and Phil's are named after The High Frontier by Gerard O'Neill in the 1970s.

[Image: QrC37.jpg]

We've talked with them, and all is good!  We all want the same thing: to inspire and educate people about life beyond Earth.  (In fact we've kicked around the idea of trying to do some cross-marketing, though nothing specific has come of that yet.)

Please do give the video game a try, and let us know what you think!

P.S. Downunder, you say?  We're in Arizona now, but my family lived in Canberra for almost a year back in 2013-2014.  Nice place.  Very similar to Arizona in climate, in fact.

RE: G'day from downunder - JAFO - 09-26-2015

Cool.. glad to hear it's all good.