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RE: How to get great viewing at 1G? - JoeP - 10-03-2015

Is it the space station that is spinning or the universe?

RE: How to get great viewing at 1G? - hanelyp - 10-03-2015

Radiation isn't the only threat to a window. There are also micro-meteoroids of various descriptions. Both can be addressed while still letting in light, and possibly allowing a view, by an optical path that bounces a couple times off mirrors. Line of sight between window surface and deep space is inviting trouble.

As for a 2RPM spin on a station, I don't expect that to be a problem with the view for most people. Amusement park rides commonly involve faster rotation.

RE: How to get great viewing at 1G? - JoeStrout - 10-03-2015

Well, micrometeors will gradually fog a window, but they'll do the same thing to a mirror. Of course the mirror may be easier/cheaper to periodically replace.

I don't think micrometeors will actually penetrate a window; we're talking very thick acrylic (or similar) here. It would be extremely tough.

As for the 2RPM view, you're probably right that most people wouldn't mind — though I don't find the amusement-park ride convincing. We want people to feel like they're on Earth, not on a continuous merry-go-round that they can't get off of!