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Hello! - Esme - 10-16-2015


My name is Esme. I can remember peering up at the stars and wondering what they were when I was about five - devouring every book on science in the library when I was given a library card at ten, and seeing Neil Armstrong step onto the moon when I was eleven. I really thought that by the time I was forty, I might well be knocking lumps off rocks on Mars if I studied and worked hard. Sadly, it wasn't to be, and I'm nearing 60 now. I remember reading Gerard O'Neils paperback on space colonies with excitement, and Bono's book advocating aerospike-engined SSTO's as a means to get us into space cheaply (I still have both books). I've kept an eye on the simulation genre of games, and started playing Kerbal Space Program around version 0.23 and stumbled across High Frontier as a result of a comment on the KSP forums yesterday. I'm looking forward to having some interesting chats on the practicalities of getting us Out There!.

RE: Hello! - JoeStrout - 10-16-2015

Hi Esme,

Welcome! I'm glad you found us. We've been working really hard for over a year now, mainly on the simulation part of High Frontier, which is quite solid. In the next few releases we're going to really step up our game (as it were) when it comes to the "game" part of the program. It should be lots of fun. Thanks for joining us on this adventure, and I look forward to chatting more with you about all things space!

- Joe

RE: Hello! - Esme - 10-20-2015

Correction, found the book and it wasn't by O'Neil himself, it was by Heppenheimer, "Colonies in Space" ISBN 044681581 0 published by New England Library 1978. Inspirational reading...

RE: Hello! - JoeStrout - 10-20-2015

Yeah, I'm pretty sure I have that one too... but we just moved recently, and most of my books are still in boxes, waiting for me to finish the new built-in bookshelves. But I'll certainly dig it out and have another look when I can!