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Hello and thanks
Hi all,

I'm a sometimes space-simulation-software guy with a lot of interests. When I stumbled on the free space flight simulator Orbiter in 2005, I got so excited I wrote a tutorial book about it, Go Play In Space. I have other interests that are mostly inactive, like flying airplanes and doing regular outreach events as a JPL Solar System Ambassador. I still blog occasionally about space and other stuff. I also like to write and record songs. In real life, I'm an optical engineer working for a company that makes optical design software, among other kinds. These days I mostly work with our international distributors.

But enough about me! I'm really happy I stumbled on Joe's and his sons' cool project (I found it through a comment Joe left on a 2013 blog post about space settlements). I've been reading and thinking about space habitats since the seventies. Recently I read two books where space habitats are central, SevenEves by Neal Stephenson and Aurora by Kim Stanley Robinson. Both great reads if you've got time because you're not developing a space habitat simulator. Wink 

I'm not sure how much time I will have to play and test High Frontier, but I will do what I can and look forward to the many planned features. As an optics guy, I was pleased that windows and mirrors are coming soon. Thanks to Joe & Sons for doing this!

Bruce Irving
Hi Bruce,

Thank you for introducing yourself! I just checked out your blog (though I don't think this is the first time I've seen it), and I'm downloading Seveneves right now. Definitely sounds worth a read!

As an optics guy, I hope you won't be too disappointed in the windows & mirrors. We don't have the resources to properly compute (or render) real light paths, so the options are pretty limited.

BUT, see what you think when version 0.17 comes out... hopefully this week!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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