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What to do with multiple monitors?
(01-05-2016, 07:32 AM)JoeStrout Wrote: High Frontier is written in Unity, which for years has lacked support for multiple display screens.  However, the very latest version has finally added multi-monitor support.

So that makes me wonder, what (if anything) should we do with this in High Frontier?

I guess the obvious solution would be to have an external view of your colony on one screen, with the interior view on the other.  Or more generally, in manage mode, we could just have two different views onto the same colony — which could be two different interior views as well.

But that could be quite tricky to pull off, code-wise.  We never expected to be simulating two different hab parts at the same time.  It *ought* to work OK... the data is all encapsulated... but it would not be trivial.

How many people here have multiple screens?  (I, for example, work on a laptop with an external monitor attached.)  And, apart from two views of your colony in manage mode, what else would you like to use the second screen for?

i am currently set up with my new HP connected to my 52" samsung, before my old hp's monitor went out, it had a 17" screen and was connected to a 24" swivel.

I would like to have the hp, 52" and the 24" all functioning at the same time, preferrably the 52" inch as my main monitor and the laptop and other monitor to have the display extended on them.


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