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Evil In Space???
I don't think I buy the de-orbiting scenario... something the size of a space colony has a lot of momentum, and it would take a huge amount of energy (much more than even an impactor carries) to alter its orbit significantly.

The slow-leak scenario is a legitimate one, though I don't think it leads to slow death... it leads to increased resupply expenses.  Even without micro impactors, you can't get any structure 100% airtight.  The ISS, for example, loses about 230 g of air per day (reference).  It's not a huge deal; you just top it off from the tanks.  But obviously you'd prefer to keep that loss rate as low as possible.

(EDIT: And don't forget about self-healing materials... a real space colony will probably have a layer or two of these, which will automatically seal any small cracks or holes.)

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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