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Ascension. Progression. Deliverance. Struggles and quirks of Permeable Ceiling LLC
Ascension, Progression, Deliverance: Struggles and quirks of Permeable Ceiling LLC’s colonies


  • Cislunar Space
    • LEO
      • Powell – pop 190 – notes: puddle lakes 
    • HEO
      • Pernell – pop 160 – notes: dawn lighting, crime alley, future home 
      • Looking Glass – pop 490 – notes: vomit comet for police
    • L1
      • Society – pop 2300 – notes: 
    • L4

    • L5

    • LLO
      • Moonscape – pop 2400

Permeable Ceiling LLC decided to enter the field of space colonisation at the behest of its founder, a multibillionaire and odd duck, whose quirks and struggles in life were curiously reflected in her company’s history as well. But rather than tell you this, see for yourself.

Before they shot many hundreds tonnes of parts into space to build a space colony, PC needed to design it first. Figuring out the design software took its time, as particularly the edge cases ran into the first unexpected quirks.

[Image: hf-design-02.JPEG?dl=0]

The first colony, Powell, was… off to a rough start, and almost bombed the whole enterprise.

Due to minimum size requirements unmentioned in the technical documentation the atmosphere regulator went into a feedback loop that lead to fluctuations in the CO2 content, which was reflected in the now ongoing wilt/bloom byplay of the local grasses. Thankfully trees don’t seem to be affected as well.

[Image: hf-powell-pond.JPEG?dl=0]
A learning experience was also the water level. At mere 5 centimetres above the superstructure, the lakes here displayed would be more accurately described as particularly vast ponds.

More strikingly was the discovery of city planners that population density so highly correlated with crime rate. Thankfully there have been no crimes reported so far. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t, just that none are reported. On the other hand, the police is on top of this.
[Image: hf-powell-crime.JPEG?dl=0]

As for fire…
[Image: hf-powell-fire.JPEG?dl=0]

Which might actually be a reason only half the houses are filled.
Curiously enough, following a recent fire in the recently named Phoenix Lane, which burned down a duplex and triplex…

[Image: hf-powell-fire2.JPEG?dl=0]
…a zoning change in the adjacent puddle finally drew in an investor, who built a department store. In the puddle.

[Image: hf-powell-store.JPEG?dl=0]

The PC colonist recruitment department is still trying to figure how this zoning change spurred an influx of settlers that forced established families to sublet unused rooms. Well, good for them, more discretionary budget to spend.

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