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Making Building Mods
I looked into Blender.  Wow!  There is a lot going on there!  It will take a while to learn.

What other "services"  or properties can be applied to buildings?  I'm thinking of fire hazards again.  I notice some buildings (e.g. dehumidifiers) are more prone to being fire hazards than other buildings.  Along the lines of reducing the crime rate in an area by adding lights, I'd like to create a building mod that reduces fire hazard.  I was thinking of maybe a modification of the street lamp with a fire extinguisher attached to it.  In the world, I'd be having building codes the required fire suppression systems.  Since there isn't way to do that in this game, may creating a building mod that has say a "-2" to fire hazard as described above (I have no idea how the game measures fire hazards).  They could cost $200 each instead of $100.  Still it would be cheap insurance since having a fire inside a space station would be a serious problem.


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