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Interesting Orbits Throughout the Solar System
Ah, Venus. I see you mentioned cloud cities. I think the advantages of that are superior to an orbital one. Really, the main thing an orbital city might have is easy access to the solar system and not deep in the gravity well of the planet. Pretty good solar energy too, I suppose, but not much else going for it.

But a floating cloud city has:

- gravity almost like earths, no adaptation needed for Earth people moving there

- atmosphere gives some radiation protection

- atmosphere mining gives direct access to oxygen, carbon (crack CO2), maybe even enough water?

- pressure could also be equal to internal living quarters, meaning a breech won't be deadly...slow leaks are easy to deal with.

OK, you have to deal with powerful acidic clouds perhaps...I do not know how high up they typically are.

I think if you were going to invest in a Venusian orbital city, it probably makes more sense to just put it in Earth orbit Wink

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