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Yep, it's true; we have low-density agricultural buildings now (as well as a few medium-density ones, too!).

[Image: 68ybM.jpg]

We're not rendering actual crops yet; that's going to take a bit more doing, and will probably have to wait for later in the development timeline.  But at least now farms do appear, and as soon as we start tracking food, you'll be glad you put them in.
The image above shows a few of the low-density farms; below is one of the medium density polytunnel farms:

[Image: wlnBw.jpg]

It's those rounded blue things just north of the pond.

Of course we're not yet actually paying attention to the zone density you specify, because we only have a couple of medium-density buildings.  But that's changing fast; every release now has substantially more artwork than the last, and pretty soon we'll start honoring the whole low/medium/high density designations.  So, think carefully about what sort of colony you want to nurture, and how to arrange those zones!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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