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Feedback wanted: Where are you getting stuck?

I just started using your simulation today. Like a lot of others who've reached the grand old age of 68, my computer skills are rather limited - consisting mostly of typing and copy/paste. Nonetheless, I'm slowly getting the "feel" of how the simulator works and what it expects.

Initially tried to simulate a modified version of a "mini Kalpana One" design proposed by Al Globus et al in a June 2016 NASS white paper. I essentially tried to simulate a Stanford Torus design based on using Bigelow B330 habitat modules. I quickly discovered that this design doesn't work well at the scale of your simulation . I understand now that this is just in the nature of how the simulation works. No problem.

One of the other things I noticed is that the solar panel configuration offers only flat solar panels. In your next version upgrade you might want to consider a "skirt" option for solar panels similar to the "skirt" option you now have for the heat rejection radiators. The torus, sphere and cylinder types all lend themselves to fixed solar panels attached to the periphery. In terms of design, this option eliminates the need for a "bearing" between the solar panels and the habitat, provides a bit of additional shielding against micrometeorites and debris, and allows for the heat rejection radiator skirt to be in permanent shadow between the habitat and the solar panels.

I realize that your simulation is mostly about what's inside the station and what goes on there. Still, having a skirt option for the solar panels would provide a hull morphology that might turn out to be more realistic in the end. One thing of note, though, is that a skirt of solar panels rotating with the habitat won't produce the same amount of power that a flat solar panel continuously facing the sun will. I'm not sure of the calculation, but it would definitely be less than 1/2 the power of the flat panel.

I'm sure I'll run into some "sticking points" as a newbie designing my settlement. If I run into one I can't figure out, I'll let you know.


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