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Feedback wanted: Where are you getting stuck?
This is going to sound like I'm dumb, but bear with me.

I didn't get stuck on the rotational mechanics, or building an environment that is comfortable for people. Where I got hung up was the paths. I simply could not figure out how to end a path. I'd just keep clicking and making a longer and longer path, and when done, I just had no idea how to get rid of the chunk of path which the game kept wanting me to place.

Eventually, I realized that clicking the "place a tree" button would get rid of the path placer. So that's what I did. Every time I got to the end of a path, I'd plant a tree. It'd leave one part of the path arcing off into the middle of nowhere, but it worked.

Sort of.

No matter how well I zoned, or built, or landscaped, no one was moving into my stations. No buildings were being built. Residents would cap at 14 or so, and same with visitors. It was pretty darn disappointing. I'd build these really fun stations, and the simulation simply wouldn't begin.

I really had to dig to figure out that the problem was with my paths. I searched around, but could not find the answer on the website, and the important information was also not included in the in-game tab that gives you gameplay tips.

I cannot be the only one who's had this problem - and given how hard it was to solve, some may have given up without finding the answer. I have some suggestions.

1) Make it clear in the tips tab that the paths are not optional, and are necessary to found a functioning colony. Clearly explain how to create, and how to end, them.
2) When the endpoint of one path lands on another path, automatically end the path.
3) If ending a path properly is essential to it working properly, consider making single-click be "end this path" and double-click or right-click be "continue the path". Since ending a path is essential to it functioning, ending it should be the default, with the player having the option to continue, rather than the other way around.
4) Alternatively, make all created paths function as if they were ended when a player clicks out of the interface that creates them, and instead chooses to plant a tree.

I hope this helps! I really like the game, and I want to see it succeed. I'm enjoying .25 a lot, now that people are moving into my stations!  Smile

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