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Feedback wanted: Where are you getting stuck?
Quote:The latest version of the game, though, has an Advisor panel, which should be rather urgently telling you to double-click or hit Return at that point.  Is this not happening for you?  (Or maybe this happened in an older version of the game, before the Advisor?)

Huh, interesting. I definitely have the Advisor panel. (That's what I meant when I mentioned the "tips" panel.) I find Advisor really useful, but it wasn't talking to me during path placement. I am using version .25.

The paths went through the zones, but I just never double-clicked to "end" them, which, I believe, caused the system to think they didn't really exist. Once I started ending paths properly, doing nothing else differently, people started moving into my stations.

I'd be happy to send you my colony files where I used unfinished paths. Where would I find them?

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RE: Feedback wanted: Where are you getting stuck? - tanzmetall - 12-27-2016, 02:12 PM

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