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Feedback wanted: Where are you getting stuck?
Hey, I should have followed up — we did indeed reproduce both of the problems you mentioned. The Advisor was not being very helpful with regard to ending paths, and if you "ended" a path by switching modes (for example by planting a tree), it didn't really create a path at all — it just stopped the creation process. So it looked like you had a path until you saved and reloaded, but it wasn't really there (and so no buildings would get built).

Both problems have been fixed in 0.26. You might not notice the improved advice in your current game, since by now you've probably demonstrated that you know how to do it correctly (and the Advisor tries hard not to tell you things you already know). But you would see it in a new game.

Thanks again for pointing these issues out!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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