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Feedback wanted: Where are you getting stuck?
I love this game!  It's inspiring to me and I'd love to keep playing it.

Some areas I've had problems dealing with:

1.  I've no idea how to keep things from burning down and having fire departments around doesn't seem to help and neither does calling them.  It's common for me to lose several buildings at once when there is a fire.  With crime, I've noticed adding lights will lower the crime rate of an area.  For some reason, I"m not sure why, dehumidifiers always attract crime in this game and they are the most likely to burn down.  They've burned down so often that I've concluded maybe I have too many of them. So, when they burn down I don't replace them.  However, I always replace water treatment plants when they burn down.  How do I mitigate fire hazards?  How are there even fires?  Didn't we learn from Apollo 1?

2.  Having cops and firemen doesn't appear to affect the frequency of crime or fires nor do they respond to those events when called or they get there way too late.  Those two "services" do increase my payroll though.

3.  I had expected being able to mine NEA's would reduce material costs and become a source of revenue for the station.  That hasn't happened.  The same goes for the Fuel Depot project

4.  The only activity that produces exports for the colony is farming.  There are no businesses I've seen in the colony that manufacture anything that one could export.

5.  Getting to 10,000 residents.  The closest I've been able to get is around 8200.  I posted earlier about that.

6.  The lack to XP for achieving other noteworthy mileposts.  XP is awarded for $100 million/year income.  What about for for $200 million or $500 million or more?  At least I haven't seen any.  XP is awarded for having 2000 residents, but the next award is for 10,000.  What about for 4000 or 5000?

7.  I have available cash of $1.5 Billion at my stations.  I'd love for there to be a way to use that to improve the station or progress in the game.  What about trading cash for XP?

8.  How is there crime in a space station???  I can't imagine people who do those things living long.  I'd like an option to send those people back to Earth if not out the airlock.  I find myself wondering what sort of people they are sending to my stations.  I'd like control over who immigrates to them.

9.  I'd like to be able to adjust my tax rate.  I've noticed that the average total taxes paid per resident is around $36,000 per year.  That seems excessive unless the average income is well into 6-figures for each of them.  I've no idea how much any of the residents make.  But, if I can make the station thrive via exports, I see no reason to have high taxes.

10.  The Earth Elevator project.  If we invent the materials to build a space elevator, we have the materials to build stations much larger than 1km and at lower cost.

11. I've noticed that the CPU/power usage when the game is running is very high.  About 7-8 times higher than when I use it for other activities.  That means that I have to keep my laptop plugged in if I want to play it.  I've no experience with other games so maybe that is normal.  But, I wish the power requirements were lower.


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