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Space Based Solar Power
(12-07-2016, 12:19 PM)JoeStrout Wrote:
Quote:If SBSP is to move forward, experiments in space are needed to prove the technology involved. An example of this could be a power satellite, somewhat smaller than the eventual structure at only 50 metres in diameter, being placed in geosynchronous orbit and beaming down power to a collecting station on the surface below.

Is that even possible?  My understanding was that antenna size was pretty much dictated by the distance over which you need to transmit (and the spot size you're willing to accept at the receiving end).  I thought this pretty much required km-scale antennas in GEO.
This is based on the prototype Space Based Solar Power satellite described in this paper:
The description of the satellite is set out on pages 10 and 11.  I'm perfectly happy to be correct about this if appropriate!

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