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What we're reading now
Here's what we're currently working through...

[Image: 518U2kSQP1L._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpg]

This is all to equip us to fix this issue, though I can imagine some other great stuff that may come out of it.

So far, it seems like a really great book — well written, exceptionally clear, and with lots of pseudocode and examples.  It presents a very different approach to modeling physics than I've ever seen before; instead of dealing with linear and rotational motion separately, you mix them together, representing the state of an object with a single (six-dimensional) vector.

It looks like this approach simplifies the math (and the computer code!) quite a bit.  Pretty neat stuff!  If anybody has any interest in physics or simulation, I highly recommend it.

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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