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more good stuff this week
More things we've been working on lately for 0.27...

  • You can now go no more than $1M in debt, after which you can't spend any more money (except for summoning emergency services — that is always allowed).  And you can still zone, since zoning is free.
  • Improved the Clear tool in a number of ways: now shows what's going to be cleared and what it will cost, and cost varies now depending on what you're clearing.  Also, trees now fall over like trees, rather than being demolished like buildings!
  • Right-click can now be used to mean "done" in many contexts, such as finishing a path, or exiting a mode.
  • You can no longer make a cylinder with inverted endcaps that intersect each other.
I estimate we're another week or two from releasing 0.27.  We're pretty excited about it — a lot of small refinements like this make the game feel a lot better!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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