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Exos Aerospace KickStarter
A group of rocket builders, including some formerly of Armadillo Aerospace, is trying to Kickstart a suborbital rocket company:

They're doing a lot of things right: building real hardware, iterative testing, advanced materials & tech, and (hopefully) frequent flights.

We need more companies like this, all innovating and pushing the envelope any way they can.  Even though this is unmanned and suborbital, it's still important, because it's step 1.  Further steps will launch bigger, faster, better, and (relatively) cheaper, by building on the experience that can only come from a high rate of testing and launching.

Unfortunately, it looks like they're not going to make their goal... with 5 days to go, they're only about $5500 of the way to a $125,000 goal.  But often a project gets a big boost as the deadline looms, so you never know.  I've just pledged $100 ($125, with shipping), which gets me a T-shirt and I get to send a postcard to space.  But more importantly, I'm doing my bit to help open the high frontier.  Please consider doing what you can!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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