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Artificial Skylight
Check out this article: Making a Second Sun: Scientists Make Artificial Skylight That You Won't Believe.

It describes a new technique for making a very realistic skylight.  The designers have in mind to apply it to underground rooms, or interior rooms in large buildings.  But I wonder if something like this, scaled up considerably, could serve as an artificial sky within a space colony?

[Image: Screen-Shot-2015-02-08-at-11.07.32-AM.png]

What do you think?

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier

The problem is lumens. The farther from the light source the more lumens needed. I cannot see this being usable past 3 meters. The idea is good, but something that does the same at a greater level. Stadium lighting is the closest we have now. My random rambling around science pages the stuff in lab is amazing, it will come.
Artificial skylight is the new way to brighten up a dark and windowless room that may be at underground where the sunlight can’t reach directly. It utilizes nanotechnology to simulate natural light – right down to the color and temperature – to create the convincing illusion of sunlight. This becomes a common method now.  I think it’s a better idea to illuminate dark rooms.

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