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  more good stuff this week
Posted by: JoeStrout - 04-22-2017, 07:46 AM - Forum: Dev Log - No Replies

More things we've been working on lately for 0.27...

  • You can now go no more than $1M in debt, after which you can't spend any more money (except for summoning emergency services — that is always allowed).  And you can still zone, since zoning is free.
  • Improved the Clear tool in a number of ways: now shows what's going to be cleared and what it will cost, and cost varies now depending on what you're clearing.  Also, trees now fall over like trees, rather than being demolished like buildings!
  • Right-click can now be used to mean "done" in many contexts, such as finishing a path, or exiting a mode.
  • You can no longer make a cylinder with inverted endcaps that intersect each other.
I estimate we're another week or two from releasing 0.27.  We're pretty excited about it — a lot of small refinements like this make the game feel a lot better!

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  Overview of Colonies
Posted by: Permeable Ceiling - 04-16-2017, 02:37 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Feedback - Replies (1)


whenever I manage my colonies I struggle to remember which one was placed where. So, in a sense I’d like to see the same overview as in the Build part, with cislunar space / inner planets / outer planets, with a brief overview over the colonies in such and such orbit. Something like

  • Cislunar Space
    • LEO
      • Powell - pop 190
    • HEO
      • Pernell - pop 160
      • Looking Glass - pop 490
    • L1
      • Society – pop 2300
    • L4

    • L5

    • LLO
      • Moonscape – pop 2400
I rounded the population number to the nearest ten or hundred, respectively. One could add more information, but you don’t wanna drown the user either. Ideally I’d have the option to add a quick note (twitter length or something) to each colony, but that’s probably wishful thinking. I just wanna know which of my colonies evoked the vampire comments.

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  Stack of Donuts
Posted by: JoeStrout - 04-14-2017, 09:50 AM - Forum: Dev Log - Replies (5)

Permeable Ceiling pointed out that you could make a stack of toruses with windows, and light them all up with one mirror.

This turned out to be a fairly specific problem with the secondary mirrors on torus and barbell parts not shading neighboring parts as they should.  That's fixed now, so this particular exploit won't work in version 0.27.

However you can still make a stack of donuts if you want, by adjusting the hub radius so as to push the secondary mirrors out:

[Image: Se5tBCd.png]

Why would you do this?  I'm not sure.  But you can! Smile

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  Wildly Oscillating CO2 Spinamajig
Posted by: JoeStrout - 04-14-2017, 08:10 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Feedback - Replies (1)

(Starting this as a new thread, as the other had gotten rather long.)

I got a chance this morning to load up your (Permeable Ceiling's) Powell colony to see what's going on with the CO2.

[Image: qobEWUN.png]

It appears to be basically a population oscillation, where the "population" in this case is the grass and trees.  When CO2 is high, these do great and grow like gangbusters (population boom), converting CO2 to O2... but then there isn't enough CO2, so they all wilt and stop photosynthesizing (population crash).  And then the people gradually convert the O2 back into CO2, starting the cycle again.

It's still surprising that the oscillations don't dampen out to an equilibrium, though... especially with the atmospheric regulator in there, which is supposed to counteract any imbalance.  There is a bit of a delay in those too though; it looks like somehow you've hit upon a resonant frequency of both the regulator and the plants (probably tied to the time step in the atmosphere simulation).

But what really cracked me up — and prompted me to post this screen shot — was the Squawker feed.  Your residents don't care about the growing/wilting plants too much, because they're too busy trying not to lose their lunch from the 3.9 RPM spin.  Smile

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  Ascension. Progression. Deliverance. Struggles and quirks of Permeable Ceiling LLC
Posted by: Permeable Ceiling - 04-12-2017, 02:52 AM - Forum: Showcase - Replies (3)

Ascension, Progression, Deliverance: Struggles and quirks of Permeable Ceiling LLC’s colonies


  • Cislunar Space
    • LEO
      • Powell – pop 190 – notes: puddle lakes 
    • HEO
      • Pernell – pop 160 – notes: dawn lighting, crime alley, future home 
      • Looking Glass – pop 490 – notes: vomit comet for police
    • L1
      • Society – pop 2300 – notes: 
    • L4

    • L5

    • LLO
      • Moonscape – pop 2400

Permeable Ceiling LLC decided to enter the field of space colonisation at the behest of its founder, a multibillionaire and odd duck, whose quirks and struggles in life were curiously reflected in her company’s history as well. But rather than tell you this, see for yourself.

Before they shot many hundreds tonnes of parts into space to build a space colony, PC needed to design it first. Figuring out the design software took its time, as particularly the edge cases ran into the first unexpected quirks.

[Image: hf-design-02.JPEG?dl=0]

The first colony, Powell, was… off to a rough start, and almost bombed the whole enterprise.

Due to minimum size requirements unmentioned in the technical documentation the atmosphere regulator went into a feedback loop that lead to fluctuations in the CO2 content, which was reflected in the now ongoing wilt/bloom byplay of the local grasses. Thankfully trees don’t seem to be affected as well.

[Image: hf-powell-pond.JPEG?dl=0]
A learning experience was also the water level. At mere 5 centimetres above the superstructure, the lakes here displayed would be more accurately described as particularly vast ponds.

More strikingly was the discovery of city planners that population density so highly correlated with crime rate. Thankfully there have been no crimes reported so far. Which doesn’t mean there aren’t, just that none are reported. On the other hand, the police is on top of this.
[Image: hf-powell-crime.JPEG?dl=0]

As for fire…
[Image: hf-powell-fire.JPEG?dl=0]

Which might actually be a reason only half the houses are filled.
Curiously enough, following a recent fire in the recently named Phoenix Lane, which burned down a duplex and triplex…

[Image: hf-powell-fire2.JPEG?dl=0]
…a zoning change in the adjacent puddle finally drew in an investor, who built a department store. In the puddle.

[Image: hf-powell-store.JPEG?dl=0]

The PC colonist recruitment department is still trying to figure how this zoning change spurred an influx of settlers that forced established families to sublet unused rooms. Well, good for them, more discretionary budget to spend.

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  busy day (NOT about the new physics engine)
Posted by: JoeStrout - 04-07-2017, 03:01 PM - Forum: Dev Log - No Replies

Spurred by Permeable Ceiling's excellent feedback this week, we decided to take a little break from the new physics engine we've been working on to address some of those little issues that need attention.  And we made a ton of progress:

[Image: QCIHu0C.png]

"Test" next to each of those means that it's fixed/implemented, and just waiting for final verification to be considered done.

If anybody's curious enough to want to know more about any of those, you can go to https://app.assembla.com/spaces/high-frontier/tickets and append the ticket number, e.g. https://app.assembla.com/spaces/high-frontier/tickets/238 .

We still have more on our to-do list, of course, but it feels good to have picked so much low-hanging fruit today, especially since we've been eyebrows-deep in physics code for so long!

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  Right-click to mean "done"?
Posted by: JoeStrout - 04-07-2017, 08:43 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Feedback - Replies (2)

Permeable Ceiling suggested that he'd like to terminate a path by right-clicking, rather than double-clicking or pressing Return.

This sounds reasonable to us, and is something we're looking into now.  But there's a detail of the behavior I'm not sure about.  Suppose you've already clicked several times to make a nice path with several bends, and now you're ready to finish.  You right-click.  Should this:

  1. Add one last segment to where you right-click, and then terminate?
  2. Ignore the position at which you right-clicked, and just terminate the path at the last point left-clicked?
I'm leaning towards #1, but any opinions about it would be welcome!

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  Issues and notes and stuff as I play
Posted by: Permeable Ceiling - 04-05-2017, 04:12 AM - Forum: Suggestions & Feedback - Replies (21)


I more or less just started playing with High Frontier. Is it weird to consider it not a game in a sense? I look at is as more of a design software, that illustrates concepts and possibilities. Hence my perspective will likely not focus on the game aspect, but rather other aspects.

Keep in mind, they’ll be things that jump out to me because they don’t behave in a way like I expect them to. It doesn’t mean they’re bad, just, y’know, outside expectations. Like… In an old game seeing a flag flying on a castle, but the flag is stiff as a board. It’s minor, but jumps out because it’s not what you expect from a flag.
Incidentally, I’ll be using the Mac version.

So, without further ado, issues that I found weird or notable while fiddling with the ‘game’.

  • Torus:
    • finances (2-10 spokes doesn’t affect cost; Hub radius doesn’t affect cost)
    • Spoke Radius > Minor Radius is possible (and swallows hub incidentally)
    • As I understand it, the spokes should widen as they approach the hub (1)
    • It’d be interesting to see hub’s height not tied to Minor Radius. ‘Smaller or taller’ hubs would be nice to have.
    • Air mass isn’t affected by number and radius of spokes
    • Air mass isn’t affected by Hub Radius
    • Hub Radius > Major Radius is… what is going on here?
    • Why can’t I plaster the outside of my Torus with Solar panels?
    • Lit solar panels produce as much power as shadowed panels. This should be addressed.
    • Copy-Paste structures? Not possible :/
  • Cylinder
    • Okay, why is the stock structure more expensive than the plan allows? It costs something like 22B, whereas the Build Mode markets it as 1.6 Billion.
    • What are these pillars that are build for $100 when I shift-left-click place a lamp post? And why do they extend into infinity?
    • Well, It’d be nice to have a the ability to place multiple structures in a row, like lamp posts, without always going through the menu for every iteration.
    • I can build buildings hovering in the endcaps. I assume that isn’t intentional.
  • Other stuff
    • The management menu is strange. Or rather, the camera is. I kind of want to have the cylinder’s surface rolled out and place my structures that way.
    • Is there a way to detach connected modules from each other? If so, it’s not communicated well. Ah, I found out. Still, not that well communicated. And a bit… arbitrary when a module is disconnected and when the whole structure is moved.
    • Moving the camera position by right-clicking while holding the Option key is hella slow. It’s far easier to move the whole station.
(1) Due to stress of centrifugal force on spoke. Spokes have mass. The longer the spoke, the more mass is pulling the closer to the hub. To have equal stress per cross sectional area, you have to widen the spokes as you get closer to the hub. 

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  Greetings (and registration issues)
Posted by: Permeable Ceiling - 04-05-2017, 01:32 AM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (1)

Bollocks. Bloody third time I write this in full, annoyance causes brevity

Yay, here I am, liked the demo, yaddayadda.

Registration issues:
Password requirements aren’t stated unless your password is outside requirements.
I managed to enter myself as the referrer. Which shouldn’t be possible, and didn’t allow me to continue registration process. Couldn’t unselect myself. Hence @JoeSprout is now my referrer, simply because I remembered him.
"Pocket" security question at one point didn’t have the correct display of quotation marks, instead displaying them in html markup.

Looking forward to playing and stuff.

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  Software from NASA
Posted by: hanelyp - 03-16-2017, 10:53 PM - Forum: Real Space - Replies (1)


One that stands out being of likely interest here https://software.nasa.gov/software/GSC-16824-1

Quote:Evolutionary Mission Trajectory Generator (EMTG)

EMTG is a global trajectory optimization tool intended for interplanetary mission design. The technology automatically searches for the optimal sequence of planetary flybys and propulsive maneuvers for maximizing payload delivery at a destination. Designed for minimal user oversight, EMTG requires only start location, destination, allowable launch-date range, allowable flight time, and minimal spacecraft hardware information.

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