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  It’s alive! Scientists create ‘artificial life’ on a quantum computer
Posted by: RockNMetal - 12-29-2018, 08:06 AM - Forum: Real Space - No Replies

WTF? take a look:

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  best design service in UAE
Posted by: sarahemi45 - 12-22-2018, 05:03 AM - Forum: Welcome - No Replies

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  Best Press Release Writing for small business
Posted by: alhumayd88 - 12-21-2018, 12:57 AM - Forum: Welcome - No Replies

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The press release writing company in dubai is an amazing writing service for press release. 100% quality of content they provided. even the best is cheap in rates.

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  Is there a way to build a rotating multi G living platform?
Posted by: Ant - 09-24-2018, 01:29 AM - Forum: Getting Started - Replies (5)

I am trying to build a rotating station that has a thin (5m radius) long (600m) cylindrical shaft with two flat habitation module cylinders (100m radius x 20 m long) at each end and a 1/3 G gravity lab cylinder (100m from the middle of the shaft).

My problem is that the bar bell habitation modules only seem to allow spherical habitation modules at the end and does not have a way to add modules in the middle of the bar.  

On the other hand building my rotating station from Cylinder parts seems to work until I try to spin them.  When I try to spin the station it seems to want to spin each component cylinder on its own instead of calculating the CG and the moment of inertia for the whole structure.

BTW, if we need to write a mod to allow this to happen, it would be nice to think ahead and make it possible to create moving modules (for example allowing the 1/3 G lab above to move along the long cylinder) as this would allow modelling of several important functions like:
* An adjustable gravity platform (that depends on how far it is from the CG.
* An elevator for transportation between modules.
* A ballast that allows the operators to actively control the CG location.

Other useful features that can be modeled for long rotating cylinders (and cables) are the electrical resistivity of the structure and controllable electrical conductors that can interact with local magnetic fields to exchange energy and momentum between the station and its orbit.

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  Is there a way to purchase the license online with a credit card?
Posted by: Ant - 09-24-2018, 12:58 AM - Forum: Trouble-Shooting - Replies (1)

The current paypal purchase page only offers to ship the software. Is there a way for international customers to pay by credit card and receive a license online or do we need to wait for steam for that to happen?

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  Hello --- Orbital transfer stations, transport network and First Lego League
Posted by: Ant - 09-22-2018, 12:55 AM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (1)

I am excited to find other people that are enthusiastic about building a simulation game that emphasizes:

  • Space colonization in orbit using resources from asteroids rather than focusing on planets.
  • An emphasis on realistic design (physics and engineering).
  • Modelling economics (budget, trade) and population growth dynamics
  • Educational uses that inspire a new generation of space engineers
  • ways to experiment and see what works better
I have wanted to design a game like this for years but never had the time and resources to do so,
I hope that being part of this community may let me contribute to the development of some of these ideas.

There are several topics that I find particularly interesting and that I would like to try once I get to know the game better.

Orbital transfer station:
Active control of transfer stations orbits that are marginally stable (like Lagrange point orbits, Lunar parking orbits and Earth-Moon transfer orbits) can provide significant benefits to economy of the station, the travelers and cargo that pass through it and the trading and transportation network that can be built with several types of stations.  Some of these benefits are:
  • Some energy and momentum can be harvested for "free" from the Moon or the Earth's orbit.
  • "free" energy storage in the orbit can reduce the weight and cost of batteries and power sources.
  • Energy and momentum can be accumulated slowly and released in a spurt by launching (or capturing) shuttles and cargo
  • Large stations can provide significant Delta-V boosts to smaller shuttles and cargo (saving not only fuel but tank and engine costs as well).
  • Stations that exchange energy and momentum with incoming and outgoing traffic can balance these over time creating an economic boost to the whole transportation network.

Large rotating stations that serve as "elevators":
Concepts like Rotovator and a Cislunar transportation system can provide cheap access between an Earth-Moon transfer orbit, the Lunar surface and interplanetary travel.  I would like to try a few simulations to see how hard it would be to create such a network and to fine tune the details for each of its components.

First Lego league (FLL)
I have been an FLL judge in tens of competitions for many years.  Every years I see dozens of groups of gifted kids (10 kids in each group) that spend many days and nights developing research projects for the competition.  The topic for the competition varies from year to year,  this year's FLL research topic is "Into Orbit". Kids that learn how to use games like Kerbal Space Program and High Frontier to develop and demonstrate their projects will have an edge in the competition so this is an excellent opportunity for this community to grow.

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  The High Frontier: An Easier Way
Posted by: ProjectIon - 08-01-2018, 12:50 PM - Forum: Real Space - No Replies

Al Globus, perhaps one of the most active writers and researchers in the large scale human settlement of space, has written a new book entitled, "The High Frontier: An Easier Way", available on Amazon. (In the UK's part of Amazon, for instance, here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/High-Frontier-Easier-Way-ebook/dp/B07FYWM41W/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1533151651&sr=1-1)

One of his main themes in recent years is that humans can adapt to rotating space structures faster than many people thought possible.

Looking forward to having a read!

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  New: What is this?
Posted by: nicp - 06-13-2018, 12:20 PM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (2)

I found this site by accident (I was looking for the amount of CO2 absorbed by various plant species). What is this? A simulation? Where do I get the software?

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  hello , every one
Posted by: thomasjenkin - 05-02-2018, 11:52 PM - Forum: Welcome - Replies (1)

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Posted by: uhani - 04-13-2018, 05:13 AM - Forum: Welcome - No Replies

Hello Everyone.
I am here to introduce myself.
I am from India.I love exploring about new things,gaining knowledge,Uhani I am the explorer of Knowledge.
Waiting for someone to welcome me.


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