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Housing, jobs, & other services
We've just implemented tracking of housing, jobs, and more.  You'll notice this in v0.14 in a variety of ways.  For one thing, the Economics tab of the Statistics palette finally has some content:

[Image: 54fdaa6a3a594.png]

The "housing" and "jobs" numbers are a total for all the habitable parts in your colony, and are determined directly from the buildings present.  So you'll need to get busy zoning (as well as building municipal buildings) if you want your colony to grow.

The way it works is this: every city part (including buildings, trees, etc.) has a number of "services" it provides to the colony.  These services currently are:
  • housing
  • jobs
  • lodging (for visitors)
  • ambiance
  • entertainment
  • culture
This set will change as High Frontier develops further; in particular, we expect to add air and water transformations in versions 0.15 and 0.17 (see the Road Map).  But this is a decent start.

The sum of all services available to the colony determines how it's doing on those various attributes.  Though the Economics panel only shows housing and jobs, we track all services, and their effects will show up in different ways.  Trees, for example, increase ambiance, which will help keep your residents happy.

Questions?  Comments?  Please post 'em here!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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