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Jupiter and Saturn orbits
For version 0.25 of High Frontier, we're working on adding the rest of the orbits in the outer solar system.

This has been challenging because there are so many great places to build out there — way more than we can reasonably include.  So, we're focusing on just the most important ones.  That includes the four largest moons of Jupiter, and the three biggest around Saturn.  Plus, around each gas giant, we're including a generic "minor moons" orbit you can choose.  Much like the main asteroid belt, this will place your colony around a smaller, randomly chosen hunk of rock and ice.

[Image: EJFihOe.png]

Of course in a standard game, these orbits won't be available until you've completed the required Projects.  Onward and outward!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier

Titan is really interesting.

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