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Right-click to mean "done"?
Permeable Ceiling suggested that he'd like to terminate a path by right-clicking, rather than double-clicking or pressing Return.

This sounds reasonable to us, and is something we're looking into now.  But there's a detail of the behavior I'm not sure about.  Suppose you've already clicked several times to make a nice path with several bends, and now you're ready to finish.  You right-click.  Should this:

  1. Add one last segment to where you right-click, and then terminate?
  2. Ignore the position at which you right-clicked, and just terminate the path at the last point left-clicked?
I'm leaning towards #1, but any opinions about it would be welcome!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier

I’d go with #1 myself (it’s neater in my mind, like tying off a knot or something).

It’d be sensible if that design decision would be congruent throughout the game, i.e. where other decisions require ending/completing an action, the right mouse click would also be used. Keep in mind, I’ve no idea how that’d interfere with camera movement.
Yes, that's the main issue.  We'd probably have to distinguish between right click and right drag.  But that's doable.

And yes, of course we'd want to apply it as consistently as we can.

But now I'm leaning towards #2 (actually I think that's where I was leaning before, but typed it wrong!).  My thinking is, if right-click does one more action and then terminates, you have to think ahead — "OK, I'm almost done, so I'll put this last point in with right-click instead of left-click."  Or when shift-clicking to place lamp posts, you'd be like click, click, click, OK just one more, right-click.  (Actually you could just not shift-click the last time and terminate with a regular click, but that too requires thinking ahead.)

Whereas, if right click means "keep what I've done so far but do no more," then when laying a path, you'd be like: click, click, click, OK that looks good, I'm done, so just right-click anywhere.  Similarly, if you were spamming lamp posts and now realize you have enough, you just right-click anywhere to exit that mode.  You don't have to think ahead; you only have to recognize when you're done.

Of course we could do paths in the same way as buildings... i.e., click to start, and a regular click just ends it.  To put in bends, you have to explicitly shift-click.  But I don't like this so much because it's not very discoverable, and putting in paths with bends is probably much more common than wanting to place the same building element multiple times.

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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