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Overview of Colonies

whenever I manage my colonies I struggle to remember which one was placed where. So, in a sense I’d like to see the same overview as in the Build part, with cislunar space / inner planets / outer planets, with a brief overview over the colonies in such and such orbit. Something like
  • Cislunar Space
    • LEO
      • Powell - pop 190
    • HEO
      • Pernell - pop 160
      • Looking Glass - pop 490
    • L1
      • Society – pop 2300
    • L4

    • L5

    • LLO
      • Moonscape – pop 2400
I rounded the population number to the nearest ten or hundred, respectively. One could add more information, but you don’t wanna drown the user either. Ideally I’d have the option to add a quick note (twitter length or something) to each colony, but that’s probably wishful thinking. I just wanna know which of my colonies evoked the vampire comments.
That's a good idea. I mean, putting this sort of info in the Load dialog, as you select each colony, would be easy; putting them on the solar system map is considerably harder. But maybe worth it, because yeah, that'd be cool!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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