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The "G-Lab Hotel"
High Frontier user Bob Brodbeck has been using the game, not so much as a game, but as a tool to aid in designing real-world space stations.  He's just published an article about his design, "The G-Hab Hotel" over at the well-respected online publication The Space Review.

[Image: 3239a.jpg]

He writes:

Quote:Partial artificial gravity most importantly improves crew and guest health. The system will mitigate the negative effects of zero-g on human health and productivity, both in-space and after Earth return.

Great stuff!  Please go over to The Space Review and check it out!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier

Hey, Joe -- Thanks very much.  Have enjoyed using High Frontier for this purpose.  BTW -- Here's the corrected URL for the article at The Space Review:

Now here's an animated GIF of the G-Hab Hotel with just the 25 m radius centrifuge and which was not used in the publication that High Frontier users might enjoy seeing.  Exactly as described in the article it is spinning at 4 rpm producing 0.5g.  Neat! 

[Image: G-Hab02b0b.gif]

Thanks. Cheers!  === Bob Brodbeck

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