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Good afternoon,

Just recently bought and started playing .27. Maybe I am missing something but I don't think the financial system in the game works. No matter how many businesses and people move into my station, my financial debt just increases and increases. Never goes positive. Also, I don't think the fire dept works either. Had a business catch on fire and the fire dept did absolutely nothing.

On a side note, was observing the few people I could see on the pathways. Doesn't seem very representative of actual humanity in its diversity.

On the issue of gravity, I found myself wishing I could just type in the spin rate as at times it was impossible to get the exact spin you wanted.

Thank you, look forward to your response and help.
The financial system works. Check your imports and exports; you're simply spending too much money. Don't import anything you can grow locally.

Fire departments also work, in two ways; they automatically reduce the chance of a fire nearby, and they respond to fires — but you have to direct them to do so. Same with police. Click the appropriate Dispatch button, then click where you want them to go.

In design mode, you can indeed click in any number and type in a value.

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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