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end-of-June status update
Well, June has come and gone far more quickly than any self-respecting month should do.  We're still working on version 0.17, and since it's not yet ready for release, I thought I would at least show some of what we're up to.

[Image: DkcwZ.jpg]

The above shows the water icons that appear above city parts that are short on water.  When you see these blinking icons, you'll want to add some new water-recycling capacity... either a dehumidifier, to pull water out of the air, or a water treatment plant, to purify wastewater for reuse.

We're also getting some more decorations to add personality and ambiance to your colonies.  Here's a statue that should be available in 0.17, honoring one of our heroes.

[Image: 5paNX.jpg]

This week we're picking the whole Strout & Sons troop up and relocating to sunny Tucson, AZ.  It's partly because of all of the preparations for the move that progress on High Frontier has been so slow this month (I know, excuses excuses).  This week we won't get much more done... but by next week, we should be settling in again and ramping back up on development.

So stay tuned here, and feel free to chime in at any point with opinions, questions, our other remarks!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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