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Name this donut chain!
We're adding a lot of new buildings for version 0.17, including this cool donut shop:

[Image: 9OMUO.jpg]

There will be seating both up on the roof, and under the covered area to the right (next to the door, which not visible in this picture).  So you can come get some comfort food and enjoy it on the spot.

We think a donut shop this cool needs a fun name, but our creative well has run dry this morning.  What do you think?

We expect to ship version 0.17 today, so it will probably just be called "Donut Shop" (yawn!) in this release.  But let's get some brainstorming going, and your idea could end up immortalized in the game from version 0.18 onward!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier

Jelly Torus
(09-18-2015, 06:21 PM)Pye-rate Wrote: Jelly Torus

I like it! Big Grin

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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