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I am a semi disabled sailor. Rough seas and arthleftus (left hip) don't mix. I am not a gamer, i am here looking for ideas on space colonization. My biggest complaint about many colony ideas I have read is too complicated and failure to take advantage of physics  to reduce the amount of machines needed.  [Image: lightbulb.png]  Working on my second novel in a series.

I think I get what you're saying about not being too complicated.  I've seen people occasionally propose a colony design which is inherently unstable (e.g., a long cylinder), and propose to keep it spinning the right way with active stabilization systems, like weights that are reeled in and out.  But this makes me very nervous, because if you have a malfunction, things could go very sideways in a hurry.  And there's always a malfunction sooner or later, right?

Do you care to tell us more about your novel(s)?

- Joe

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier


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