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How To Resolve “QuickBooks Unable To Connect To Remote Server” Issue
Being a leading financial software, QuickBooks sometimes refuses to connect to the remote server. How can you fix this issue? Let’s find out!
Solution 1: Click ‘help’ menu > Update > Restart computer
Solution 2: Click edit menu > Preferences > Send forms > Select email account > Update SMTP
Solution 3: Open file location > Search for .ND file > Press F2 > Attach OLD before the file name > Enter
Solution 4: Open ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’ on windows key > Remove pre-existing folders > Add file folder in database manager > Scan folder
Solution 5: Turn off hosting on all workstations > Turn on hosting on server computer
Solution 6: Reset internet settings to default
If you’re still facing problems, reach out to our pro techies at QuickBooks customer care number for instant live support.

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