High Frontier KickStarter

In November 2014, High Frontier ran a successful KickStarter campaign.

Reward Status

A common complaint about KickStarter projects is that they often fail to deliver on their promised rewards (most typically, because the project itself fails). But we're going to deliver on every one — and here is where we'll prove it. Keep coming back here to check on our progress!

Name on websiteNov 2014delivered Dec 05 2014
DRM-free gameNov 2014delivered Nov 30 2014
Name in in-game creditsDec 2014delivered Dec 20 2014
High-res digital wallpaperDec 2014delivered Jan 15 2014
Special "Founder" monumentDec 2014in progress
Create an in-game squawkDec 2014delivered Jan 16 2014
Name a transport shipDec 2014delivered Jan 16 2014
Name a major buildingDec 2014
Hand-signed CDMar 2015
Name a wizard codeMar 2015
Name a shop chainDec 2014
High Frontier T-shirtMar 2015
Your mug in the Portrait MuseumMar 2015
Statue of you in the gameMar 2015
Sponsor billboardMar 2015

Funding Usage

Another common complaint about KickStarter projects is that you have no way to know how the funds raised are actually being used. We want to be completely transparent about it. So, again, keep checking back here to watch as those funds get put to good use making High Frontier rock.

Received (after fees):$11,398
Spent on Artwork:$2,534
Spent on Music:$0
Total Spent:$2,534
KS Funds Remaining:$8,864


Credit where credit is due; the following stepped up and helped us out in our hour of need. Thank you. We couldn't have done it without you!

(Note: if you backed our campaign and don't see your name above, either you didn't respond to your survey, or we've screwed up... in either case, contact us through KickStarter to let us know!)

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