About High Frontier

High Frontier is a space settlement simulation game. Based on real physics, you design your space colony, select an orbit, and build. Then you enter the colony and run your orbital city: lay transportation lines, assign building zones, place trees and lakes, provide power and air, and keep your residents happy and healthy.


Why You’ll Love High Frontier

High Frontier takes the city management genre to a whole new level (literally!). Each city is, in some ways, isolated, and constrained by the physical limits of your design. But all your cities are connected economically, and impact a larger background simulation of the entire solar system. Materials and technologies will become available in an expanding wave, determined in part by where and what you build.


In sandbox mode, you can build whatever and wherever you want, without being constrained by trivial things like budgets. In career mode, you start off with a small colony in low-Earth orbit, and use the revenue from that one to fund the next, and the next, expanding upwards and outwards. Play well, and the solar system is your oyster — your colonies will grace the many moons of Jupiter, and sparkle like jewels among the rings of Saturn.


Particularly creative players can even expand the game by creating mods that add new functionality, making the game even deeper.

Why Buy Now?

We are following the popular “incremental release” model of development. The first version (0.01) of High Frontier was released in summer 2014, and cost only $1. Each new release adds more and more functionality (check out the Release Notes for proof!), but at the same time, the price goes up.

Currently we are on version 0.27, which costs $27. We're actively working on improved physics for the next release.

So if you buy now, you’re supporting development of the world’s most realistic space settlement simulator, getting a unique and fun game, and saving yourself money too!

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