Building Mods

A building mod is a High Frontier mod that adds a new building to city mode.  It consists mainly of a configuration file and a 3D model (with textures).

Example 1

As an example, let's imagine a mod that adds a decorative statue of a unicorn.  The mod consists of a folder containing several files, like so:

  • UnicornStatue   (folder)
    • UnicornStatue.hfmod   (main configuration file, in GRFON format, as shown below)
    • Unicorn.obj   (3D model, in OBJ format)
    • UnicornTex.png   (texture file, in PNG format)
    • ButtonIcon.png   (icon for the button on the build palette, a transparent PNG)
// First test of a building mod
title: Unicorn Statue
type: building
author: {
	name:	Joe Strout

That's it! This is all that's needed to add a simple decoration. There are lots of other properties that can be specified to determine the type of building, how much it costs, and what benefit it provides to the colony. Contact us for more details.

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