Making Mods


"Mods" (short for modifications) are plug-in modules that modify the game, typically by adding new functionality.  Creating mods is a fun process, and other players enjoy the new twists that mods can bring to their favorite games.

High Frontier will be supporting more kinds of mods as time goes on, but they will all work in the manner described here.

A mod in High Frontier consists of either a single file, or a collection of files in a folder (directory).  These are installed into the game data folder (see below), where they are discovered and loaded by the game.

File Locations

Mods must be placed into the "Mods" folder in the game data folder.  On the Mac, this is:

~/Library/Application Support/HighFrontier/Mods

On Windows, it would be:


If the mod is a single file, it may be placed directly in the Mods folder, or any subfolder (up to 16 levels deep).  If the mod is a collection of files — say, because it contains models and textures in addition to the configuration file — then it should be grouped into its own subfolder, which again may be placed within Mods or any subdirectory thereof.

A mod always includes at least one configuration file, which is a text file in GRFON format with a file extension of ".hfmod".

Mod Types

Click either of the types above to learn more about it.

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