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Issues and notes and stuff as I play
  • Police vehicle goes on a dead spin.
    • [Image: hf-looking_glass-patrol2.JPEG?dl=0]
    • [Image: hf-looking_glass-patrol3.JPEG?dl=0]
    • [Image: hf-looking_glass-patrol4.JPEG?dl=0]
  • No collision detection for inverted endcap. I assume this connects to above issue.
    • [Image: hf-society-police.JPEG?dl=0]
  • Houses can be ‘built’ on (inverted) endcap.
    • [Image: hf-design-03.JPEG?dl=0]
  • Another supposedly torus/donut.
    • [Image: hf-design-01.JPEG?dl=0]

Suggestion: Hospitals!
Even discounting specialised care, a general hospital is just good thinking, I think. A cursory search reveals that new hospitals are issued for service area population at about the 50,000 people mark. This of course means that for most smaller colonies, the needs for caring are met my sick bays of ships, and I assume one sick bay equivalent at least is installed in the colony hall.
But still, if you get to sufficient size, a general hospital makes just too much sense. I’m living in a rural area, and a hospital takes care of something like 60,000 people (don’t actually know, never checked). Given the difficulty of transporting emergency patients from smaller hospitalless colonies to bigger ones with one, I’d hazard the guess the number would be significantly lower for new colonies. Something like, once you’ve hit 8,000 residents you have to have a hospital, and kindly add another one for every 50,000 people.
The oversized-hub issue is fixed for the next version; till then, the work-around is to not do that.

We're aware of the lack of collision detection at the endcaps. It's not a very high priority, but yes, it's an issue.

Hospitals are a great idea, and actually have been on our to-do list for a while... I honestly don't know why they've never made it to the top of the list. Thanks for the nudge!

Joe Strout
Lead Developer, High Frontier

Was just reading this older thread, and noticed you said you use Dvorak. I thought I was the only one!

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